University of Salzburg | Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS
Techno-Z | Schillerstraße 30 | 5020 Salzburg, Austria     see individuals below

Barbara Hofer         
Ass.-Prof. | Lead SDI Research Group

I am convinced that we can and should exploit technological advances for facilitating spatial analyses. Web services are one pathway to open, collaborative and reproducible spatial analysis.

Josef Strobl               
Univ.-Prof. | Head of Department | Deputy Lead SDI Research Group

Promoting Geospatial Infrastructures to facilitate regional and domain-specific information systems, distributed spatial analysis and web-centric visual interfaces. “Digitally interfacing with the spatial dimensions of our world” requires services-based access to geospatial information!

Manfred Mittlböck       
Senior Lecturer | RSA iSPACE Head “Smart 4D Environments”

Instructor teaching OpenGIS and Spatial DBMS. Involved in standardizing 4D data exchange and semantically harmonizing spatial data and metadata structures for spatial data infrastructures supporting the cross-domain integration of spatial big data in Enterprise Geoportals.

Ainura Nazarkulova      
Senior Scientist | ACA*GIScience co-director

Lead for partnerships and project as well as educational collaboration in Central Asia, including advising students from this region. Promoting the development of regional SDI, teaching SDI/OpenGIS within a distance learning framework.


Laura Knoth      
Researcher | RSA iSPACE

Currently working on a PhD within the FFG project “OLS3D“, exploring the harmonisation and linkability of building and facility data for modeling of 2D and 3D industry production environments.

Bernhard Vockner      
Senior Researcher | Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung

After completing his PhD on “Enhancing Discovery in Geoportals – Geo-Enrichment, Semantic Enhancement and Recommendation Strategies for Geo-Information Discovery” he continues to teach and contributes to research in SDI (Metadata), Semantic Text Analytics & Ontologies.

Caroline Atzl      
Researcher | RSA iSPACE

Currently starting to work on her PhD, research orientation towards web cartography, geovisualisation, application development, usability and user experience.

Emmanuel Papadakis   
PhD | formerly DK GIScience

Emmanuel’s current research lies within the discipline of GIScience, emphasizing on the conceptualization and modelling of “Place-based GIS”. His main research interests include knowledge representation, reasoning, data visualization, Semantic Web, reality modeling, ontology engineering and machine learning.

Mariana Belgiu      
Ass.-Prof. @ITC – University of Twente | External Collaborator

Specialized on semantics and ontology aspects of SDI: developing innovative solutions to turn remotely sensed data into information via object-based image analysis, machine learning algorithms, development of adaptive classification rules and coupling of volunteered information with remotely sensed data.